Taylor Swift Covers Didn't Do So Hot on Newsstands Last Year—Shocked?

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Taylor Swift (Getty)
Has the world finally reached its saturation point with Taylor Swift — and, not to mention, her tumultuous love life?

A new report in WWD, shows the singer, who locked down five fashion magazine covers over the past year, didn't do quite as well in sales as we're betting editors had hoped.

Let's take a look at the numbers — and the stars who raked in higher sales than Miss Swift — shall we?

Vogue: Lady Gaga (602,000) vs. Adele (410,343) vs. Taylor Swift (329,371)

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Glamour: Lauren Conrad (500,000) vs. Victoria Beckham (482,000) vs. Taylor Swift (443,000)

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Harper's Bazaar: Gwen Stefani (166,365) vs. Taylor Swift (138,412)

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Cosmopolitan: Scarlett Johansson (1.5 million) vs. Ashley Greene (1.4 million) vs. Taylor Swift (1 million)

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Glamour's Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive chalked Swift's less-than-astounding cover sales up to her fling with Harry Styles — which coincided with Glamour's November 2012 issue. “There may have been a little hiccup for her right around the 1-D relationship,” Leive said. “But it’s nothing a pro can’t come back from. I’d put money on her for the long run.”

Tell us, has your interest in Taylor Swift waned over the past few months? Or do you love her more than ever? Is her over-exposed love life — the one that, essentially, inspired the songs that've made her millions — starting to hurt more than it helps?

We're dying to know your thoughts! Let's discuss.