Bar Refaeli Is the Most Literal "Sexy Santa," Ever

(Courtesy of Under.Me)

Who could walk around in a full-on Santa suit—beard and all—and still look hot? Bar Refaeli, of course.

The Isreali supermodel suited up in St. Nick's plush red outfit for lingerie line Under.Me's latest video spot. In the clip, Refaeli saunters through a suspiciously springlike New York City, while being ogled by everyone she passes. Who knew false facial hair was such a turn-on? 

She's totally immune to the attention until she catches the eye of a dude in a neighboring apartment, and starts shedding her Santa get-up, as models in underwear ads are wont to do. 

It's sexy, you see, because underneath those furry red trousers, that padded, sheepskin-lined jacket, tank top, pom pom hat, gloves, patent leather belt, and curly white wig, she's wearing nothing but lingerie

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