10 Things Gisele Should Put in Her New Moat, According to Us

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After three years, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's $20 million, 22,000 square foot Los Angeles home castle is finally complete — and it has a moat! 

The medieval throwback runs along the house, and there's a drawbridge connecting the driveway to the front door. Image if Gisele and Tom invited you over, and you had to wait for them to lower the drawbridge over their moat. Do you think they'll hire a drawbridge-lowerer? Will Gisele appear on a balcony in a billowing gown every time the couple has guests approaching, and yell "lower the drawbridge"

What does one even put in a moat? A quick Google reveals that moats were most likely filled with sharp objects, not live animals. So submerging a few spikes in the water would be the classic choice. 
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But alligators would be way more intimidating. 

As would sharks. 

Or electric eels. 
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Of course, the couple could always fill their moat with something decorative. Like koi. 

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Or swans. 

Perhaps they want to entertain by their moat. May we suggest waterskiing squirrels? 

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Or mermaids. 

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Or — why not? — Ryan Lochte

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But, since this is Gisele, maybe she'll stick to more fashion-y moat decor. Like Alexander Wang pool toys

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Tell us, what do you think Gisele should put in her new moat?
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  • Sharks
  • Electric Eels
  • Koi
  • Swans
  • Waterskiing Squirrels
  • Mermaids
  • Ryan Lochte
  • Alexander Wang Pool Toys
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