BEHOLD: All the Best 'ANTM' Photos From Cycle 19—Vote For Your Favorite!

It's finally here! Tonight at 8 p.m. (ET) on The CW, Tyra Banks will crown America's Next Top Model—for the, uh, 19th time in reality television history.

Only three models remain—Kiara, the basketballer who's fought for everything she's ever gotten; Laura, the bottle blonde with the famous parents; and Leila, the high-fashion girl who was previously sent home, then rose back from elimination in this cycle's comeback challenge.

Who's it going to be? Only time will tell! Make sure to follow us along on Twitter @StyleBistro as we live-tweet the grand finale of Cycle 19!

Until then, check out these—in the words of Tyra—fierce photos from this season. From Leila's super-hot topless photo shoot with Rob Evans to Kiara's unforgettable warrior pose, we've rounded up our personal favorite shots (and fan-fave picks!) from each episode. Vote for your favorite, and let us know in the comments who you think deserves to win!

Episode 2: Leila's taxidermy shoot

Episode 3
: Leila's nakey photo shoot with Rob Evans

Episode 4: Laura's ultra-creepy-but-awesome zombie shot

Episode 5: Victoria's strong cheerleader pose

Episode 6: Natasia's gorgeous streampunk style

Episode 7
: Kristin's "drunken" milk chug

Episode 8: Laura's effortlessly-cool jail bird look

Episode 9: Natasia's regal river ride

Episode 10: Kiara's fierce warrior girl shot

Episode 11: Kiara's Dream Come True fragrance shoot

So ANTM-lovers, which girl got the best shot? Cast your vote in our poll, and sound off in the comments for who you think should be crowned America's Next Top Model tonight!

Poll: Who had the best shot on America's Next Top Model this season?
Click to vote:
  • Leila, Episode 2
  • Leila, Episode 3
  • Laura, Episode 4
  • Victoria, Episode 5
  • Natasia, Episode 6
  • Kristin, Episode 7
  • Laura, Episode 8
  • Natasia, Episode 9
  • Kiara, Episode 10
  • Kiara, Episode 11