Presenting the First-Ever Issue of 'Miss Vogue'—Featuring Cara Delevingne—Want to See?

(Getty Images) Cara Delevingne walks the runway at Lanvin's fall 2013 show in Paris

For the longest time, we've wondered why the Teen Vogue concept hasn't been rolled out to other markets—or wherever there is a grown-up Vogue. Like, how amazing would it be to have a Vogue Paris Jeune or a Teen Vogue China? Well, looks like the Brits have got everyone beat. This June, British Vogue will launch Miss Vogue—a 127-age supplement that drops on newsstands next Monday.

Aimed at teenagers, the magazine's debut issue features ubiquitous model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne on the cover. Want to see?

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