Heidi Klum is Auctioning Tickets to Her Haunted Christmas Party

(Photo by Getty) Here's what Heidi Klum is wearing to the party. Think you can top that?

Remember how Heidi Klum had to cancel her annual Halloween party after Hurricane Sandy ripped through NYC, leaving thousands of families—and even Marc Jacobs!—homeless. And how the supe hinted that she might turn the bash into a haunted Christmas party, instead?

Well, guess what? It's officially on! And for the very first time ever since the supe started her spooky tradition back in 1999, you—yes, you!—have a chance a nabbing an invite. 

Klum is auctioning off 2 pairs of tickets on eBay to the exclusive star-studded extravaganza at NYC's Finale Nightclub, which takes place this Saturday. The best part? Every single penny raised from the auction will be donated directly to The Red Cross.

How's that for some haunted holiday spirit?

Bidding ends on November 30th (aka tomorrow!) so you better hop to it if Gangnam Styling with Heidi Klum is on your bucket list!