Kate Upton And Her Cleavage to Star in a Super Bowl Ad [VIDEO]

(Photo via YouTube)

Coming this February, Kate Upton will star in a shiny, new Mercedes-Benz-sponsored gig. No, not one at New York Fashion Week—that we know of yet, at least. The swimsuit model just nabbed herself a Super Bowl ad!

Unlike her cutesy, cleavage-free photo spread in January's French ELLE, it's quite clear the curvy star isn't catering to her fashion fan base, or shall we say, most of us who only watch the game for the commercials.

Check out this Super Bowl commercial teaser, in which the bra-strap-baring blonde musses up her hair and blows soap bubbles along to the beat of some bow-chicka-wow-wow tunes:

Something tells us all our guy friends will look a little like that balloon dude once the full commercial airs on Sunday, February 3rd. But really, can you blame them?