Scott Disick Had a Secret Teenage Modeling Career

(Photo by Getty)

Okay, this is so good—like better than wielding a cane and going by "Lord" good—that we don't even know where to begin, so we're just going to go there.

Scott Disick used to model for—can you handle for this?—Young Adult romance novels!

Yep, that's right. Scott Disick was pretty much a Fabio-protégée in his teens. Check out this book cover he posed for back in 2001, which is conveniently still available for purchase on Amazon:

InTouch dug up this little gem in its latest issue and even tracked down one of the models who used to work with him back in the day.

“Scott was an awkward teenager — completely different than how he portrays himself now," the source said. “He really just came in, got makeup done, stood in front of the camera and left pretty silently, too. Nothing at all like the Scott we know now 12 years later.”

Well, now we have some insight as to where his hair gel obsession most likely stemmed from...