Not One Supermodel Is Naked in the 2013 Pirelli Calendar

(Courtesy of Pirelli) 

Pirelli's annual calendar is famously racy—remember Mario Sorrenti's 2012 version, featuring Kate Moss and Lara Stone frolicking naked in Corsica? Or Karl Lagerfeld's 2011 nude tribute to Greek mythology? 

Well the most shocking thing about the 2013 Pirelli calendar is the clothes. As in, how many of them there are. 

(Courtesy of Pirelli)

So why did photographer Steve McCurry get all demure during this year's Brazilian shoot?

All of the featured models, including Liya KebedeKarlie Kloss, and Adriana Lima (the first Pirelli model to pose pregnant!) are involved with charities, and McCurry really wanted to focus on their good works rather than their good genes. "It's not about their bodies. Or their sexuality," McCurry said in a statement. "These models are purposeful and idealistic people."

(Courtesy of Pirelli) 

So, go ahead! Keep that browser tab open! These are probably the most SFW Pirelli photos you'll ever see. 

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