Did Naomi Campbell Break Up With Her Billionaire Boyfriend?

(Getty Images) Supermodel Naomi Campbell

After a longtime courtship, has supermodel Naomi Campbell (arguably the supermodel-iest supermodels of all time) broken up with her billionaire Russian boyfriend-fiance Vladimir Doronin—the tycoon who built this spaceship lovenest for the couple:

Now, that's love.

According to a report in Page Six, the two started sleeping in separate bedrooms for a few weeks and have recently split.

"They've been fighting for a while," the source said. "It's been going on for six monhts or nine months. They've been sleeping in separate bedrooms and split for a few weeks. Naomi likes to live by her own rules, stay out late, be a free spirit, while Vlad is more regimented. He is up early, works hard, does yoga, and is super-healthy."

Another source told Page Six that the relationship is "like a business relationship" because "Naomi brings the celebrity, the glamour, the beauty to his properties, and Vlad keeps her in the style she is accustomed to."
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