So a Kate Moss Playboy Bunny T-Shirt Exists, Already

(Photos: Marc Jacobs, Playboy Instagram)We're used to models making an appearance on clothing. (We're still hoping ASOS gets the "Queen Delevingne" T-shirt back in stock.) But this Marc Jacobs' tee is something we didn't see coming.

In honor of Playboy's 60th anniversary issue, featuring Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs decided to create a (commemorative?) tee. The shirt features Kate's soon-to-be famous Playboy cover image on a plain blue cotton tee. So for all you Kate Moss fans out there, looks like your t-shirt dreams just came true.

The tee retails for $35, and all of the proceeds will go to the amFAR organization. Pre-order yours now at (Please note the awesome suggested hashtag of #KATEPLAYTEE)

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