Model Hailey Clauson Sues Urban Outfitters for $28 Million over Biker Babe Shot


Hailey Clauson by Jason Lee Parry Teenage model Hailey Clauson has filed a $28 million lawsuit against retailer Urban Outfitters, alleging that a T-shirt bearing her image has damaged her reputation and her career.

The T-shirt in question is printed with a photograph taken of Clauson when she was just 15, perched atop a Honda motorcycle in a pair of teeny leather shorts, legs spread. Clauson, now 16, claims the "blatantly salacious" shot could violate child pornography laws.

The suit also alleges that the photographer behind the image, Jason Lee Parry, agreed never to release the shot after her management complained. Parry claims that both of Clauson's parents were present at the March 2010 shoot, and that they gave permission to use the controversial piece.

Check out the photo—do you think Clauson has a case?

Does Hailey Clauson's motorcycle photo cross the line?
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