You'll NEVER Guess What Brand One Direction is Designing Nail Polish For...

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Because launching a fragrance just isn't enough to win over the hearts vanities of tween fangirls these days, this July, One Direction is delving even further into the beauty category with a new line of nail polishes.

Sure, sure, sexy-singer-boy-designed lacquers are hardly anything new—ahem, Justin Bieber's OPI collection, anyone?—but the brand 1D's teamed up with to release its five-piece set of "anti-bullying" neon hues? Well... It's a doozy.

Can you guess? (You'll never guess.) One Direction is now incahoots with...

Office Depot.

That's right, 1D fans! You can now get your nail polish and toner for your printer all in one super-convenient trip. You'll also be able to satisfy the rest of your back-to-school needs with 3-ring binders, memo pads, spiral notebooks, and more—all plastered with the face of your fave Directioner.

Because let's be honest, there's nothing 1D tween fangirls (and fanboys) love more than professing their alliance (Team Niall! Team Harry!) via individually branded products.