Beyonce's Manicurist Created These Nails For Nicholas K (+ DIY Advice!)

(Photo courtesy of Red Carpet Manicure)

When we first caught up with Lisa Logan — the celebrity manicurist behind Beyonce's digits! — at 7:45 this morning, she had no idea what time it was, but she did know one thing: the glittery gel manis she made for Nicholas K's fall 2013 runway show looked good.

"Right now, everything is a blur," she said. "I tell you, we sat there and we gelled, we gelled and gelled and top-coated and glittered all night long to come up with the look. We didn't finish until about 3-o'clock this morning."

(Photo courtesy of Red Carpet Manicure) A model backstage at Nicholas K

For the record: Her team started at 5:00 p.m. yesterday. Yes, it took 10 hours (and a few slices of pizza) to create all the press-on nails for the show! But, thankfully, if you're only painting 10 nails — instead of 350 like Logan — these sparkly tips are actually quite simple to re-create.

  • First, go through all the basic gel manicure steps of applying a base coat, two color coats, and a final top coat. (For the gray hue above, Logan used Red Carpet Manicure's "Always Slate, Never Early," which hits Ulta stores this March.)

  • Then, right before you wipe down your digits with gel polish cleanser, dip the tip of your nails into a pot of glitter. If you gently press the glitter down, the tacky film from the gel will hold it in place.

  • Set the manicure under the curing lamp and then — finally! — give your nails and cuticles good ol' rub-a-dub with cleanser.

And voila — you'll have the smooth finish of a gel with the gritty texture of raw glitter.

"Texture is really important this season," Logan said. "Textures and glitters. It's all about it. So greens, textures and glitters. We covered the gamut when it came to everything that's right now and current."

Yup, that sounds about right.

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