Taylor Swift's Chipped Manicure—Thoughts?

Taylor Swift's Chipped Manicure—Thoughts?
(Photos by Bauer Griffin)

Taylor Swift was all set and, um, red-y to perform at London's Westfield shopping center on Tuesday—the darling country-pop singer had a red dress, red lips, her album Red to promote, and a red manicure. Or should we say half of one.

We're not sure if Tay's press-packed agenda caused her to lose track of her mani appointment or if she's is going for an edgier new look—her signature curled coif makes us guess not—but somehow the star ended up on stage with nails like this:

Taylor Swift's Chipped Manicure—Thoughts?

We're curious to know, what do you think of TSwift sporting chipped nail polish? We know some women who find flawed fingernails absolutely abhorrent. On the flip side, tons of women could care less about a chip or two (or three or four). Hey, in this day in age, we're busy gals. It's actually kind of refreshing to see Swift is just like any other girl.

Where do you fall on the spectrum of obsessive-compulsive manicure maintence—1 being you never, ever, ever miss a mani appointment and 10 being your nails are chipped 90 percent more than they are painted? (Or 11 being you don't do anything to them at all.)

I've got to admit—for a long time, I painted my nails at least three times a week. It all started when I was on date number two with my boyfriend. He commented on how pretty my polished nails looked, so for the next four months or so, I painted my nails a new hue before every single date. Not because he wanted me to, but because it kind of became this new compulsion. Now that we've been together nearly a year, though, he's definitely seen me with many a chipped mani!

Okay, I'm dying to know your thoughts! Cast your vote in our poll—Were TSwift's nicked-up nails refreshing or a faux pas?—and share your stance on manicure maintence in the comments, below.
Poll: What do you think about Taylor Swift's chipped manicure?
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  • Love! It's totally refreshing that she's so down-to-earth.
  • Loathe! That's a major fashion faux pas. Yuck.