Paint Your Nails Worry-Free With New Polish Brand Treat Collection

(Source: Treat Collection; Sugar Frosting nail polish, $18)There is much to envy about Europe (the superior wine and cheese, the ease with which you can travel between countries, the overall more relaxed lifestyle), but one of the things we most covet is the EU's notoriously strict beauty regulations.

Probably not what you were expecting us to say, but hear us out: While the European Union Cosmetics Directive has banned more than 1,100 harmful chemicals found in cosmetics, the FDA is way more lenient, meaning you could unknowingly be slathering toxins all over your skin, which absorbs whatever you put on it. Scary.

That's why we were thrilled to discover new Berlin-based polish brand Treat Collection, which simultaneously debuted in the US earlier this year—bringing its non-toxic, five-free formula that passed the EU's extremely high bar across the pond. The luxe lacquers ($18 each) eschew formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene (a liquid found in gasoline), and plasticizers DBP and camphor in favor of organic compounds, making them safe enough for pregnant women to use.

(Source: Treat Collection; Buttoned Up, Red Carpet and Outdoors nail polishes, $18 each)
But these polishes actually perform, and not just at the hands of a professional: Since nail salons aren't as prevalent in Germany, founder Daniela Mellis made sure that the lacquers would be easy to use at home. And they are, thanks to a fat brush that evenly distributes the glossy, full-coverage solution. 

The collection features 54 sophisticated shades, ranging from sheer nudes to rich jewel tones. While you can expect a healthy assortment of classic reds and pinks, there's one thing you won't find in the line: glitter. The closest Treat gets is through decidedly more mature shimmer and metallic options, which are also blessedly way less of a pain to remove.

(Source: Treat Collection)You can shop the full line on Treat Collection's website, and find select colors online at Beautyhabit and Nailbox.
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