Easter Nail Ideas: 13 Beautiful Spring Manicures to Consider

Source: barbaraspolishnails.tumblr.com via Angie on Pinterest

Go ahead, shelve your midnight blacks and inky blues and dust off those pastel polishes  — spring has officially sprung! (Even if the weather doesn't seem to agree.)

From too-cute-to-handle bunny nails (with connectible ears, meep!) to super-wearable spring-inspired styles, we've rounded up 13 of the most beautiful Easter-themed manicure ideas from around the Interwebs. What are you waiting for? Hop to it!

13) Here's a blue-and-yellow glitter ombre mani that's vibrant and refreshing

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

12) These daisies add an unexpected element to such a spring-y sky blue shade

Source: via Brandy on Pinterest

11) A bunny — with connecting ears! Ah!

Source: barbaraspolishnails.tumblr.com via Angie on Pinterest

10) What's better than one bunny? A bunny and a chick.

Source: Beautylish via Courtney on Pinterest

9) Or twin chicks with polka dots!

Source: sugarmitten.wordpress.com via Paulette on Pinterest

8) Anyone can wear this rainbow glitter look.

Source: amazon.com via Heather on Pinterest

7) Don't these speckled nails look sweet enough to eat?

Source: glo.msn.com via Ansie on Pinterest

6) Ducks... in a row! (Get it?)

Source: wetpaint.com via Wetpaint Moms on Pinterest

5) We're for sure trying out this pastel tip trick at some point this season.

Source: via G Michael Salon on Pinterest

4) Pastels were meant to be paired with gold.

Source: via Erica on Pinterest

3) You could go literal with egg-shaped nails. Almond silhouettes are, after all, huge right now.

Source: weheartit.com via Theresa on Pinterest

2) On to the food. (There's always got to be at least one food-themed idea.) Check out these Cadbury cream eggs. Noms!

Source: cosmeticcupcake.comvia Diana on Pinterest

1) And last but not least, our favorite around here at StyleBistro HQ, PEEEEEPS!

Source: zazennailspa.com via Bethany on Pinterest

But really you guys, we love Peeps, like, a lot. Maybe too much. You be the judge.