Your Inner 5-Year-Old Will Go Bonkers For Ciate's New Chalkboard Nails

(Photo courtesy)

Few things are worse in this world than nails on a chalkboard (ack, cringing!) but a chalkboard on nails? Now that's a whole 'nother story. Enter the latest and greatest innovation from Ciate — the geniuses behind the caviar, velvet, and sequin manicures — chalkboard nails!

The six-piece kit includes:

  • One matte black "blackboard" base coat
  • Four colored chalk pens that wash off with water (!!!)
  • And one Mattnificent top coat

All you do is swipe on the base coat, doodle to your heart's content with the water-washable chalk applicators, and seal in the look with a matte top coat. Easy as drawing hopscotch squares on a playground! (Or so our inner five-year-old imagines.)

Vogue UK reports the set will be sold exclusively at Selfridges for £25 ($38 appox.) next month, but don't fret, there's a "Coming Soon" banner on the website — and they ship to the U.S. (Woot!)