Channel Your Inner-Duchess with Butter London's The Royals Collection

(Photo courtesy; Getty)

Remember a few months back when Kate Middleton's bump looked more like a food baby after an adventurous outing to Chipotle than a baby belly—and how, at that time, Butter released a purple nail lacquer in honor of the royal baby-to-be?

Well, now that the Duchess' bump has expanded beyond the too-stuffed-burrito territory (and even though we still don't know whether the wee royal will be a baby Diana or a baby Charles or some other royal-y sounding name), the London-based nail brand is introducing a new collection inspired by the famous family—a trio (get it?) of regal purples.

The Royals Collection includes:

  • Pitter Patter: an opaque aubergine shimmer that pays homage to the royal fetus
  • No More Waity, Katie: a semi-sheer greige lilac glitter that was first introduced two years ago in celebration of Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement
  • Lillibet's Jubilee: another re-released best-seller, this one a silver-lavender metallic sheen, that was created in honor of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee tour last year.

Looking to channel your inner-Duchess? Eat two big burritos (or not) and scoop up the full set for $39 at