Say Hello to Your New Favorite Manicure


Picture this: A rugged, beautiful woman out in the dessert on an archaeological dig. The wind blowing in her hair. Her French manicure imperfect and distressed yet still chic. This was precisely the inspiration for the nails at Zero + Maria Cornejo's spring 2014 runway show yesterday. So we might not be archaeologists, but we do love this subtle haphazard look—and the killer inspiration behind it! Look closely to see the detailing:

(Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro)

See the cool imperfections at the tip. We got the low down from nail pro Deborah Lippman for to learn how to recreate our new favorite mani from the comfort of our own homes!

First, prep the nail with a base coat like Lippmann's Gel Lab Base Coat. Then apply a coat of a soft pink polish, like you would for a regular French manicure. For this show, Lippmann used her new shade, La Vie Rose, which is a pastel petal pink shimmer launching next spring. Let the nail dry for two minutes. Next, apply a strip of a white matte polish to the tip of the nail. Lippmann prefers her new shade, Pseudo Silk Kimono, launching this November! Quick tip from the pro: Don't worry if your strip of white not a straight line, it's supposed to be imperfect!

Next, comes the fun part! To get the organic feather look on the tip, Lippmann says there are a few different ways to accomplish it.

If you're more of a tool person, use a big nail polish brush or a stripping brush to drag the still-wet white polish out toward the cuticle. 

If you're a DIY kinda gal, Lippmann shared with us a crafty way to get the look without any professional tools. "Put plastic Saran wrap over the whole painted nail and lift it up carefully," she said. "You'll get some little drags and drippy feathers on the nail!" Note, if you do chose this method, be sure you're just laying the plastic wrap across the top of the nail and not actually wrapping it around!

Finally, let nails dry and finish off with a matte finish top coat. Lippmann uses Flat Top The Matte-Maker Top Coat for an ultra-modern matte finish. 

The finished product is an intentionally flawed French mani that is classic enough for the office but playful enough for the weekend. "It's a great way for that person who wants to be trendy but is afraid to play in the nail art world to kind of get into it," Lippmann said.

See the completed look, here:

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