Sally Hansen's Tracylee on the Future of Nail Art in 2013

Sally Hansen's Tracylee on the Future of Nail Art in 2013
(Photo courtesy of Sally Hansen) Sally Hansen Nail Ambassador Tracylee

What does the future hold for nail art in 2013? We chatted with nail expert and Sally Hansen Nail Ambassdor, Tracylee, to get the scoop on the beloved trend. Read on for her take on the style's ever-changing landscape.

StyleBistro: Based on the trends you've seen, how has nail art evolved over the past few years?

Tracylee: Nail art has evolved very much over the last few years, women are taking more chances, are being more experimental and less conservative. They are using different embellishments that are not typically used for nails, using textured nail polishes with chunky glitter and taking it as far as they can.

SB: What about 3D nails — the ones that actually have designs protruding off the nail? Are these still as popular as they were last year or are women moving towaSally Hansen's Tracylee on the Future of Nail Art in 2013rd something else?

Tracylee: 3D Nails will still be a trend throughout the next few years based on a lot of new innovations and color kits. To make the nail art more wearable, women will take it to a more softer and refined version that is opposite of what we see now with the chunky jewels and appliqués.  A perfect fit for this category would be using a textured 3D shade of color such as Mermaid’s Tail (at right) from Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure.  

SB: What do the "It" nails for 2013 look like?

Tracylee: The "It" nails for 2013 are going to be all about personal flair, while wearing them with confidence. Anything that makes you feel sexy and confident is on 100% on trend. Opt for hand painted pieces, marbling nails or even small rhinestones. 

SB: How has age played a factor in nail art trends?

Tracylee: Age used to play a factor, but now women of every single age are leaning towards nail art, is this no longer an “appropriate” age for color. Nail art is an extension of yourself, so be bold, be confident and own it!

SB: What are some of Sally Hansen's most popular nail art products right now?

Tracylee: The Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips are a top-seller, along with the Nail Art Pen in White, and the Complete Salon Manicure

On February 4th, Sally Hansen is also launching a new campaign called I <3 Nail Art, which will feature a monthly contest celebrating the best and brightest nail art looks. Be sure to check out the brand's Facebook page this coming Monday to get in on the action!

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