Christian Louboutin's Nail Polish is Everything You Imagined it Would Be

Christian Louboutin's Nail Polish is Everything You Imagined it Would be(Source: Christian Louboutin; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)Lust-worthy designer Christian Louboutin has kept our shoe-loving hearts skipping a beat for years now. If those signature red soles give your heart palpitations, allow us to introduce you to the brand's first nail polish collection, which will send shoe snobs as well as lacquer lovers into fits of lust.

The nail collection is Louboutin's first endeavor in the beauty world and will feature more than 30 shades—the first being Rouge Louboutin ($50), which captures the blood-red hue recognizable by fashion people everywhere. The debut shade launches today in a dramatic eight-inch bottle design, inspired by the tallest heel Christian Louboutin ever created—the Ballerina Ultima. 
The Christian Louboutin Nail Polish is Everything You'd Imagine it Would be(Source: Christian Louboutin)
In true Louboutin form, the polish is completely luxurious. There's a custom-designed triangular brush to banish air bubbles and deliver chip-resistant coverage. The formula itself is highly pigmented, extremely glossy and claims just two coats will give the effect of 20 layers of traditional lacquer. And because presentation is everything, Rouge Louboutin also comes enclosed in a patent-leather–like finished box with a red reveal. Are you drooling yet?

After Rouge Louboutin's solo time in the spotlight, 30 additional shades all inspired by Louboutin's iconic shoes will launch at the end of August. Grouped into collections of ten, the remaining lacquers are categorized by The Pops (boldly colored hues), The Noirs (rich, deep tones) and The Nudes (soft, delicate shades).

But these beyond-decadent polishes come at a hefty price. With a tag of $50 per bottle, these lacquers gain the title of most expensive nail polish from a major brand. But then again, what else would you expect from Christian Louboutin?
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