Three Nail Polishes to Turn Your Tips into Confectionery Treats

(Source: Nails Inc., LAQA&Co., Zoya)If you're like us here at StyleBistro, your favorite part of summer is the return of the ice cream man. This summer, let your saccharine-loving self indulge the calorie-free way with glittery nail polishes so decadent, they make sprinkles look tame. (And yes, glitter nail polish is appropriate outside of middle school hallways and New Year's Eve Parties—we promise.)

LAQA&Co.'s Cagney Gold Fleck Manicure Duo pen ($16) is the perfect combination of sweet and sassy. With two ends of color, you can apply either the creamy pastel pink or the cut-gold–flecked polish, or layer them together for a mani reminiscent of strawberry sorbet topped with edible gold leaf.
(Source: LAQA&Co.)

Another good-enough-to-eat glitter hue is Nails Inc.'s limited-edition Princes Gardens Garden Party Polish ($11). Inspired by the English countryside, this lime green, lavender, and azure full-coverage glitter might just be the perfect addition to any brunch-time tea and crumpets snack.
(Source: Nails Inc.)Zoya's holographic Jesy shade ($9) from the Bubbly Collection is a sherbet-hued shimmer that's sure to look fierce with any summertime tan. Featuring metallic gold flecks, this coral color reminds us of summer afternoons spent eating icy treats.
(Source: Zoya)
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