LONDONTOWN Lakur Offers The Best Of Both Worlds With Its Luxury, Vegan Nail Polishes

(Source: Lakur)It's not every day that luxury and vegan go together, especially in the beauty world. But with LONDONTOWN's Lakur nail polish, the two beautifully merge to create a swanky, quality polish that's vegan, gluten free, and cruelty free. The British-based brand was started by Natasha Dillon, whose grandmother used to handpick botanicals and flower oils to create a hydrating, healing hand remedy. Dillon then used her old English family remedy to develop kur, a naturally derived nail treatment system. Following the success of kur, Dillon expanded her holistic nail care into the lacquer category with Lakur. 

The non-toxic nail polishes include pure, all-natural oils and ingredients such as cucumber​, chamomile and vitamin B7 to strengthen the nail from within and encourage cell growth. They're formaldehyde-free, toulene-free, DBP-free, formaldehyde resin-free, and camphor-free. The polishes are developed to adhere to LONDONTOWN's kur nail hardener by creating a molecule bond that reinforces nail strength and works to prevent the nail from breaking, cracking and splitting, so pair Lakur with kur if you really want the most out of your mani.

In addition to caring for nails from the inside out, Lakur color lasts. It's solvent based rather than water based, and forms a molecular bond with the base coat, so polish can last for up to two weeks. The line comes in a variety of shades, which include classic reds and pinks, as well as fun, vibrant hues like our spring favorites: Portobello Plum (a tasty purple), Beau of the City (a royal blue), and Notting the Fancy (a sunny yellow).
(Source: Lakur)​Lakur nail polishes retail for $22 per bottle at​.
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