DIY Super Bowl Nail Art: 10 Fun Game Day Nail Ideas To Consider

Source: via Amie on Pinterest

Are you ready for some footbaaaall — Nail art?

We rounded up a few our favorite Super Bowl-inspired nail ideas from Pinterest to get you all set for the big game this Sunday. (Sorry: No pizza and beer included. Well, except for nail pizza and beer, that is. You'll see.)

Scroll down for our top 10 picks, below.

10) There's the obvious but adorable football nails:

Source: via Lyndi on Pinterest

9) Nails for 49ers fans:

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

8) And these velvet-finish violet ones for Ravens fan:

Source: via Maria on Pinterest

7) These yard line nails are super-simple to re-create:

Source: via Amie on Pinterest

6) If your loyalty lies with the food more than the game, you can always go with these guys:

Source: via Melissa's Attic on Pinterest

5) And considering Domino's expects to sell more than 11 million slices (!) on Sunday, there's always this option, too:

Source: via Marion on Pinterest

4) As for the classic Super Bowl beverage of choice — beer, duh! — we're particularly fond of these Duff digits. Homer Simpson would be so proud.

Source: via Debbie; via Amanda on Pinterest

3) Look! It's a mini referee:

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

2) No worries, we didn't forget you Puppy Bowl fans!
Source: via Katy on Pinterest

1) Finally, if you really want to sport some digits that go all the way, then BEHOLD:
Source: via India-Jewel on Pinterest

Seriously, those things deserve a trophy.