Follow These 3 Simple Steps to Get the Barely-There Runway Look


Love the minimal makeup look but scared to go completely bare-faced? Well you're in luck! We went backstage at Jen Kao's spring 2014 show yesterday and got the low down from makeup artist Yadim for MAC Cosmetics on how to get the barely-there look in just three simple steps.

First, Yadim said a tinted moisturizer is a must to achieve an effortless naked-skin look. For the models at Jen Kao, he used MAC Face and Body for a super-sheer, natural touch. "It's not about putting tons of makeup on your face," Yadim explained. "It's about the right products and using them the right way for your skin tone and for what you need."

(Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro)

He also stressed the importance of creating a beautiful curled lash. "Curling those lashes is going to open up the eyes and add that femininity without being
too much," he said. Yadim suggests using only an eyelash curler to give lashes height. In fact, the models at Jen Kao didn't even wear mascara for the show! (It's a big trend we've noticed backstage this season.)

And what's the last element to achieve an au naturel beauty look? A bold brow. Yadim says a full, feathery brow acts as the statement-maker in the barely-there look. He suggests brushing the brows upward and filling them in—but only if you have to! "It's all about that kind of slightly masculine eyebrow," he said.

See the finished product:

(Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro)

Now, wasn't that easy? So go on and let your natural beauty shine!

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