Ryan Lochte Watch: Olympics Guy Good at Swimming, Bad at Fashion Corresponding?

(Photo by Getty) Ryan Lochte and Anna Wintour celebrate Fashion's Night Out at Calvin Klein.

Ryan Lochte (Getty)
Ryan Lochte deserves a gold medal for a lot of things: his swimming skills (obv), his catchy lingo (Jeah!), and—this goes without saying, but it still needs to be said—his smoking hot bod.

But we regret to inform, being a fashion correspondent is not one of Lochte's gold-worthy tributes.

According to a report in Page Six, E! producers are less than thrilled with Lochte's on-camera performance at New York Fashion Week so far.

“E! is regretting the decision. Even after media training, he’s still not sharp,” an insider told the New York Post.

What did they expect, though? The swimmer guy has never really been that articulate in interviews. He did, however, manage to score some camera time with Vogue editrix Anna Wintour—so to that we give him some major props as a journo.

Last but not least on Ryan Lochte Watch, we bring you new infos on his developing clothing line, which he told reporters will hopefully launch next year:

“I want that sleek Ralph Lauren Purple Label look, but I want some edge to it,” he said.

Sounds fancy pants, no? We can't wait to see it! You? Also, what do you think about Lochte's gig as a fashion journo—does he kill it or should he get the ax? Tell us in the comments below!