How to Apply Mascara to Your Bottom Lashes Perfectly, Every Single Time

(Photo by Getty)

Here's a situation we all know and loathe too well. You're getting ready, putting makeup on—your eye shadow looks great, you mastered the liquid liner (steady hand, hoorah!), you got the perfect mascara application up top, then, ruh roh, it's time for your bottom lashes.

Who's with me when I say putting mascara on your bottom lashes is the worst? It always ends up either too clumpy, too smudgy, not dark enough, or everywhere on your face except your lower lashes. Buzz kill.

So when makeup artist Val Garland for Sephora told me she was forgoing mascara on the top lids at Herve Leger—"it makes a smoky eye look more modern," she says—and focusing only on bottom lashes, I seized the chance to find out just how one fumbly-handed girl gets the perfect mascara application down below. (The, erm, eye that is.)

"This is Val Garland's secret weapon: the fan brush," she said, whipping out Sephora's Pro Visionary Lash Fan Brush #220 ($18 at "Whenever I apply mascara I always use this brush because so many mascara brushes aren't small enough to get to your bottom lashes, especially if you're like me. I've just got stubble."

"It's great because you can really push it right into the waterline," she continued. "And on the bottom, since this brush is so fine, you can actually fan out your lashes to decrease the clumping. You just swipe the spoolie of your mascara wand, get the product on there good, look down and go right to the lash line."

If you think that's genius, just wait until you hear how Garland learned the technique.

"Kate Winslet taught me this trick back in the day when HD first came out," said Garland. "Because you can see everything, you have to have lash separation, and she did it with this."

So there you have it, the trick to getting flawless, perfectly fanned-out lower lashes. And we have Kate Winslet to thank for it.

See the Herve Leger makeup look in action on the spring 2014 runway, below: