The Cutest Way to Makeover Your Ponytail - Inspo From Honor's Spring 2014 Show


Okay, so we all have those days when, let's face it, a ponytail is the only style we can muster up the energy for. But, hey, that doesn't mean it has to be boring! We talked with hairstylist James Pecis for backstage at the Honor spring 2014 runway show and got the low-down on how to completely revamp your basic pony. (Hint: it involves flowers!)

"We're going for a slightly smoother ponytail, covering the ears on the side, and then from there it starts into something new, which is more energy and volume," Pecis said of the ethereal look. "The idea was a girl was rolling around in the hay, having some fun and collecting flowers and daisies in her hair."


Did ya catch that? Yep, that's right. Add flowers in your ponytail! Pecis explained the key to keeping the flower-child look fresh and natural is to organically place each flower in the hair and follow the flow of the hair.

For example, because each model had a tousled, asymmetric pony, Pecis and his team applied the flowers in an asymmetrical fashion like so:

(Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro)

Now as for the question of keeping them in place? It's easy!

"They're just little flowers on the end of a bobby pin," Pecis said. "Very simple."

So there ya have it! Add slight volume and tiny flowers to your tresses, and you've got a new go-to look. Plus, you'll look like you just stepped out of a field of flowers. Now that's definitely not your average ponytail.

See the entire Honor spring 2014 collection in our gallery, here:
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