Beauty Look to Steal: Ribbon-Infused Braids and Sun-Kissed Skin from Calla


Yesterday's hair and beauty looks at the Calla's spring 2014 show had us thinking of one thing and one thing only: summa, summa, summa time! Okay, okay, we know it's just the beginning of September, but who says we can't rock the summery look all year round?

We caught up with the pros backstage at Calla to see just how to nab those adorable ribbon-infused braids and that luxurious sun-kissed glow!

Take a close up look at the completed look:

(Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro)

To create that gush-worthy deconstructed fishtail braid, Ramona Eschbach for Oribe Hair Care used just three products and a strip of ribbon. First, she prepped the hair with Oribe Foundation Mist to get a slight wave and moisturize the strands. She applied a few spritzes of Oribe Après Beach, which is a wave and shine spray, and finally she went to town on the braid.

She started the fishtail on top of the head, and after three or four layerings took a thick piece of ribbon (which was actually a strip of fabric from Calla's collection!) and tied it to an inner piece of hair to actually incorporated into the braid. "I didn't want to tie it all the way around the braid, because I didn't want it to look too constricted," she explained. "I wanted it to look like it just—went into it."

Finally, she finished with Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray to make the look ever-so slightly piece-y. 

The result: Pure beachy perfection.
(Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro)

But it wasn't just the ribbon-wrapped braids that had us dreaming of warm sandy beaches, the models's dewy cheeks also had us in awe. Makeup artist Kabuki for MAC said he wanted to complement the watery movement of Calla's collection and give each girl a "sunburned but not shipwrecked" glow. 

"It's really more vacation-y," he said of the look. "There's sort of a luxury element to it. It's a very groomed look." And groomed indeed. To create those luminescent cheeks, Kabuki used MAC Keep It Loose Casual Color Lip & Cheek Color to build a stripe over the bridge of the nose, which flowed into the upper cheeks.

"When you do a stripe over the bridge, it starts reading less of a blush application and more of a coloration of the skin," he explained. "If you don't see where it begins and ends, it looks more real."

Finally, to fully blend the cream into the skin, Kabuki used his finger to pull the cream upwards and fade into the under eye. "Your finger is really the best way to blend it out," he noted.

Check out his finger-blending technique here:

And the completed look is tropical elegance all the way.


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