The Cool New Way to Wear Lip Gloss (Hint: It Has Nothing to Do With Your Lips!)


Want in on a little secret? Lip gloss is one powerful product. While we were backstage yesterday at the Helmut Lang spring 2014 show, makeup artist Hannah Murray for NARS Cosmetics taught us the coolest way to make your lip gloss work double-duty. And guess what? Lips aren't even involved!

Murray and her team used a clear gloss on—are you ready?—the models' eyes and cheeks. The inspo behind the runway beauty look was a fresh, flushed, and sporty feel. To create the appearance of this lustrous, juicy skin, Murray says avoid concealer around the eyes, and instead with one finger, dab a clear lip gloss on the lids. Check out this quick vid we captured that shows you just how to do it:

After applying the gloss to the eyes, use any excess on the cheeks for an added glow.

"Literally just tap it on the high cheekbones," she said. "Just with barely any [gloss] on the finger. You're pressing it in the skin, so it's just sitting on it—kind of highlighting that juiciness!"

(Pssst... In case you want the exact gloss from the show, Murray used Triple X Lip Gloss from Nars.)

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