Rebecca Taylor Loves the Beach, Hates Sharks (+ 5 Favorite Looks From Her Spring 2013 Collection)

(Photo courtesy of Rebecca Taylor) Rebecca Taylor poses with Louise Roe and Katharine McPhee before the show.

Fasten your chic belts—we're going on a trip to destination fashion paradise, courtesy of Rebecca Taylor's getaway-inspired spring 2013 collection.

Like every other human being on earth, this past summer, New York-based Taylor found herself yearning for a vacation—and she couldn't get one thing off her mind, the ultimate escape, Hawaii. The result? A spring 2013 collection rich in downtown-cool acid-washed denim, glitz-embellished dresses, and femme-fatal florals.

We caught up with the designer backstage to talk about all things summer—dream vacations, summer break memories, sand castles, surfing, Jaws. Yes, Jaws. Yes, as in the killer shark who eats people.

StyleBistro: What did you do during your summers as a kid?

Rebecca Taylor: As a child, I grew up in New Zealand, so I spent my summers at the beach. I really just remember being at the beach with my brothers and sisters all the time. Hence the skin damage!

SB: Psh, we don't see at all what you're talking about! Do you have a favorite memory of being there?

RT: I just remember saying to my mom, "Why do  we go to Auckland and spend two months at the beach?"—and she'd say back to me, "Your father only has two weeks of vacation!" It's so funny when you're a kid, summer seems so much longer!

SB: Doesn't a two-week vacation sounds amazing these days? There aren't many of those in fashion, huh?

RT: It's never gonna happen. Never gonna happen.

SB: We feel you there! Say you did get the chance to take a long break though, what would be your dream vacation?

RT: I would love to go to Hawaii. I love Hawaii. I'd rent a house and have my family come from New Zealand to meet me there, so we can all be together. And I'd make sure to have a chef and someone to clean, so all the girls aren't cleaning and in the kitchen the whole time.

SB: What did you do this past summer? Any favorite activities?

RT: Going to the beach! We have a house out at Shelter Island. We have a pool, so we hang out there with the kids—do silly jumps into the swimming pool and drink wine all day.

SB: We want to pack up and head to the beach right now! The sand castles, the surfing... Do you know how to surf?

Yeah, I've done it. I've surfed in Hawaii, but the waves are, like, really long and really low. The surfboards are like one of these tables [points to a really, really big table], so you can't really fall off of it. But surfing out at Montauk, I don't think I could do that.

We've actually been watching Jaws at home. It's like this—you work late and your husband puts on Jaws for your 5-year-olds!

SB: Ha ha! Get out! How did that go over?

RT: They thought it was hilarious! But now I'm scared to go into the water. It's scary!

SB: Do your kids watch Shark Week at all? Everyone's obsessed with Shark Week.

Oh they love Shark Week! Love it. Love it, love it, love it. Kids love sharks. I don't know what it is. And dinosaurs. Those, too!

SB: Well we can only safely assume sharks don't play a role in your vacay-inspired collection, so do tell us—who is the Rebecca Taylor girl for spring/summer? What's she like?

RT: She's quite urban. I spent my summer here [in New York] and I was dreaming of Hawaii, so it's urban, she's modern, she's clean, it's pared-down. It's very simple. It's nude, the colors are nude, mint, black, cream, but there's also pops of color like turquoise and coral.

Now, check out what the Rebecca Taylor girl looks like for yourself! We've picked out our five absolute favorite looks from the collection below:

1) A crystal-embellished fit-and-flare frock:

2) An edgy, ultra-faded vest layered over a ladylike dress:

3) A hibiscus floral blouse—boho and beachy:

4) A fluid, polka-dot dress that reminds us of a chic surfboard:

5) A dream-worthy acid-wash jumpsuit that speaks for itself:

First, can we talk about how funny and sweet Rebecca Taylor is? She made us giggle through the entire interview—and now we want to book a plane ticket to Hawaii, stat. Second, how cool/chic is her collection.

Check out Rebecca Taylor's spring 2013 collection here:

Tell us your favorites in the comments below!
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