Look Who We Ran Into at the Kate Spade Spring 2013 Presentation!

Lauren Conrad at Kate Spade Kate Spade is possibly the cutest presentation at New York Fashion Week. And when I say cute, I mean girly-bowed-colorful-print-tastically cute. So naturally, Lauren Conrad fit right in amongst the ultra-feminine retro-clad models at the Spring 2013 show this morning.

I was able to catch our former Celebrity Guest Editor for a quick chat. She was wearing the Garance Dore Rainey Dress and carried her classic quilted Chanel.

TW: I love your dress, I'm such a huge fan of Garance Dore's illustrations, what drew you to this?

LC: I love a conversation piece. I just thought it was so adorable, I think if you have an occasion to wear something like this you should!

TW: Do you have any current beauty product obsessions?

LC: I think, because the summer was so hot, I was just trying to minimize any products I was using so I kind of just stuck with my basics, I don't really have any new ones.

TW: Your cat eye is so perfect, how do you do that?

LC: Thank you! Practice (laughs).

TW: What eyeliner do you use?

LC: I use Mark, they have a waterproof liquid I've used for five years. It doesn't go anywhere and it stays black—it's the only one I've found.

TW: Do you have any piece you've seen so far here [at Kate Spade] that's your favorite?

LC: I honestly haven't looked at them all yet, I did half a lap. But I love anything with a bow, so obviously I'm a big fan here.

TW: Is this your first show this Fashion Week?

LC: Yes, it is!

TW: Do you have any other shows you're really excited about seeing?

LC: Well, I'm seeing Rebecca Minkoff later today and I'm a big fan of hers, so I'm excited to see that. I'm also excited to see Lela Rose and Jenny Packham.

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