The Most Epic Fashion's Night Out of All Time With Olympic Medalist Tim Morehouse

Tim and Dagmara playing Wii Fencing. (Tim Morehouse)

You might know Fashion's Night Out for its exhausting crowds, free cocktails, and celebrity sightings. Well, last night we stepped over to the other side, and tagged along with a featured guest instead of trying to snap a really fuzzy Instagram picture of one.

Cue Tim Morehouse, Olympic Silver medalist in Beijing (2008), and US Olympic Fencing team member in London (2012). He's also a fashion industry favorite—seriously, that guy must have gotten a hundred kisses on his cheeks last night—so it's no wonder he was dressed in luxury menswear designer Michael Bastian's fall 2012 collection and wore some cool Cole Haan kicks that got almost as much attention as his sabre (the sword used in fencing) and Olympic medals.

We followed Tim and his other Olympic buddies while they sailed their way through Fashion's Night Out in New York City. This is what the experience was like, minute-by-minute.

7:20 p.m. Just got here. It took FOREVER to get a cab. There are so many people dancing around Saks Fifth Avenue's first floor (to J.Lo's "Let's Get Loud"). I'm trying to push all of the confused patrons out of my way. I hate being late.

The Olympians: Tim Morehouse, Emily Hughes, Sarah Hughes, and Dagmara Wozniak. (Tim Morehouse)

7:24 Phew, I'm finally on the right floor! Tim and Co. (Dagmara Wozniak, a fellow US Olympic fencer, and Emily Hughes, Olympic figure skater, to be exact) are playing Wii Fencing with a fan. The game is super cute—Sonic and Waluigi are fencing on the London Olympic stage. There's confusion about how to properly thrust the sabre with the Wii remote. Fashion emergency!

Tim and Dagmara playing Wii with a little girl (Tim Morehouse)

7:29 People keep coming over. One girl asks if the medal is from Beijing and touches it. There will be a lot more touching throughout the night... 

7:31 Tim autographs a copy of his book, American Fencer, like a boss. We meet Eric Jennings, head of men's fashion at Saks.

Tim signing his book. (StyleBistro)

7:33 Okay, we're on the move. After trying to keep up with Tim (he is 6'2" and I'm a mere 5'1"—that's, like, a lot of difference in leg length) we end up hanging out with Susan Sarandon—wait, Susan Sarandon?! (My insides are all like "Woah!!!"). She seems intrigued by Tim's sabre and fencing skills. They are deep in conversation.


7:36 Tim plays ping pong with Dagmara and Emily. Susan Sarandon is still here, she's cheering on Tim from the sidelines and wearing his medals. Oh the life of an Olympian.

Susan Sarandon cheering Tim on. (StyleBistro)

7:39 Susan Sarandon and Tim exchange digits—score!

Tim exchanging information with Susan Sarandon. (StyleBistro)

7:47 Tim is approached by a friend as we wait to make our next move. His friend also tries on the medals and poses with his sabre-embellished slippers and Tim's actual sabre.

Sabres and slipper. (StyleBistro)

7:49 One girl approaches us freaking out. She asks us all of these questions like "Are you a fencer?" "Did you go to the Olympics?" She then asks me to take a picture of her and Tim on her old-school flip phone. She feels the need to tell us that it's a really old-school flip phone. Once that was done, she continues to freak out and ask questions. Finally she murmurs "I should go," and runs away.

7:52 We're on the move again. God, Mr. 6'2" is fast.

7:53 We land on the floor below. Tim says hi to another staffer as we wait for Amar'e Stoudemire. Fun fact: it takes one-and-a-half years to qualify for the Olympics in fencing. These are the things you learn when you chill with a bunch of Olympians for a night.

7:55 We pop back upstairs. Seriously, this is like musical floors.

8:01 Finally get off at nine and there's nowhere to move! Amar'e just walked by, but we "Can't block walkway, folks!" Andddd now we're going back down the escalators—for the fifth time.

8:03 Back on floor six. It looks like we're being led into a secret back room. Just kidding we're turning around now.

The crowd waiting for Amar'e. (StyleBistro)

8:06 Officially waiting for Amar'e to appear. Another group of girls approach Tim. It's like they're interviewing him, "So, you're a fencer..." "You went to the Olympics?" "Did you medal?" When he tells them that he got a silver they casually say, "Oh, that's pretty cool." Yeah, it's "pretty cool."

8:07 Amar'e arrives looking seriously fly and tall (why is everyone so tall?!). Tim leans over the rope and starts chatting up Amar'e's fiancé, Alexis Welch. What a shmoozer. Amar'e briefly turns around to ask Alexis what she's doing, she replies that she's talking to Tim, an Olympic fencer. Ama're takes a quick up-and-down of Tim, says "wow," and turns around. It's the little things in life that count.

Amar'e Stoudemire. (StyleBistro)

Tim talking to Alexis Welch. (StyleBistro)

8:14 We've been waiting to get a picture with Ama're, but it's not going to happen so we say bye to Eric and we're off!

8:16 As Tim is going down the escalator, an event staffer runs after him screaming. Apparently, he's going to be able to go meet Lance Bass and Fern Mallis and talk on their fashion week radio show. After it takes one second to register, and Tim (who is going down the escalator by the way) begins to run up the escalator. Fencing gear, suitcase, and all.
Tim running up the escalator with his suitcase and fencing gear. (StyleBistro)

8:21 After nearly knocking over several customers, we end up back on nine. Tim gets pictures with Lance Bass (note to ten-year-old self: OMG!!) and Fern Mallis, creator of New York Fashion Week.


Tim then goes live on Sirius XM. He hands Lance Bass the medals. Obviously Lance loves them and says they're a great accessory for any outfit. Tim shares how he got into fencing, a story we didn't even know—it was to get out of gym class in high school! Apparently, there was a sign that said if students sign up for fencing they would get out of gym.

Tim on Sirius XM with Fern Mallis and Lance Bass (StyleBistro).

8:28 Tim says that the Olympic village is like the college experience on steroids. They finish the radio bit, and take a few more group pictures.

8:30 And we're off to another place twelve blocks up. The event ends at nine. Time to get my 6'2" stride on.

8:34 Dagmara and Emily are in pain from their heels. Dagmara decides to go barefoot. No cabs will take us. Whyyyyy.

8:37 We decide there's no other choice but to run up Madison Avenue. Trying to keep up with Olympians after a full day of fashion week isn't easy. Dagmara is still barefoot and running. One rickshaw offers us a ride for $30. Pshh.

8:40 Dagmara is still barefoot. Tim screams to a guy on the street "Hey Jay!" Turns out, it isn't Jay...

8:43 Tim lied. The next event's actually 63rd and Madison not 61st and Madison.Those two blocks make a huge difference. We're running through crosswalks and pedestrians just to keep up with him. Two people scream out "Hey Tim!" on the street, one of which is wearing a silver jacket with wings.

8:49 We finally made it, but Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan apparently just left. We're sweating and trying to catch our breath in the very sophisticated Girard-Perregaux watch store. They did loan Tim a $30,000 watch for the night, after all. He mingles and shows the brand's president, Michael Margolis, his medals.

Tim with Michael Margolis, Emily, and Dagmara. (StyleBistro)

9:01 We all take a quick breath.

9:04 Margolis' wife tells us the story of how her husband got the job he has today.

9:07 Two people ask Tim for a picture. He drags Dagamara in and she proceeds to point the sabre at his throat.

Dagmara and Tim. (StyleBistro)

9:11 And we're off to the next stop. This time, without Dagmara or Emily. Bye guys!

9:12 Tim is booking it. He's rolling his huge suitcase filled with fencing gear down the middle of Madison Avenue. How glamorous.
Tim running down Madison Ave. (StyleBistro)

9:19 We arrive at the Fifth Ave Tiffany & Co. for an exclusive after party. They just screeened "Versailles 73," a documentary recounting the 1973 Paris show where five American designers battled against five of France's biggest fashion houses.

9:20 We finally get to put our huge bags down. Music is blasting. This is seriously swanky. Trays of Champagne weave in and out of the crowd. Models are standing up on platforms in different sections of the room. Of course, Tim pops in to take a couple of pictures with them. They wear his medals.

9:24 Tim starts talking to Cameron Silver, co-owner of Decades in Los Angeles. Cameron is wearing head-to-toe velvet Halston and really glittery shoes. They talk about how fencing is chic. I learn another fun fact about Tim: when he finally joined fencing he got a C+ his first semester.

9:26 Amanda Ross, Fashion Director of Departures magazine and another big-time industry contributor, joins in on the conversation. Like many before her, she's shocked at how heavy the medals are.

Tim with Amanda Ross and Cameron Silver. (StyleBistro)

9:27 Tim dips out to talk to a group of guys. After a few more minutes of chatting with Amanda, I'm off to see what he's up to.

9:28 Turns out, he's with the Cole Haan guys. Phil Russo, the brand's Creative Director to be exact. A group forms around them, gawking at Tim's medals. This doesn't get old. Like a gentleman, he allows them to touch his medals and he takes more pictures.

From left to right: Tim and Phil Russo of Cole Haan; everyone wearing Cole Haan shoes. (StyleBistro)

9:36 The Cole Haan guys start to sing Tim's praises. "Don't you love Tim?" "I love Tim!" 

9:53 We've been trying to dip out for awhile now, but people keep stopping Tim in his tracks. God, he knows everyone. A few people ask him if he knows Ryan Lochte. He humbly nods yes.

9:55 We bump into Terrence Charles from Vanity Fair. We exchange quick hellos and hugs, but we're beat. 

10:00 We just called a car. It's been a wonderful evening, but it's time to put on those PJs and prep ourselves for another day full of fashion rage.
Tim Morehouse and I. Note the height difference. (StyleBistro)

Check out Tim Morehouse's website—and his book, American Fencer!
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