What The Heck Are Those Things The Models Were Wearing at DVF?


At the Diane Von Furstenberg show yesterday, the models (and the designer herself) walked the runway wearing these weird little gadget-things on their faces. Were they glasses or some newfangled eyebrow accessory?

Turns out they were Google Glass—"the most sought-after tech in the nerdosphere," according to TechCrunch.

Google Glass is an eyepiece that creates and augmented reality experience for the wearer—where, while walking around with the Google Glass on your face, you'll see smartphone-type stuff like text messages, maps, and calendar notifications pop up in your line of vision. Like Iron Man, kind of, we think.

We're not really sure what the models were looking at while wearing the Google Glass devices—but it looks like they were able to take photos from their own perspective. Check out some of their models-eye views snaps, which have already been uploaded onto DVF's Google+ page.

Check out all the looks from the DVF show here:

What do you think about tech on the runway? Tell us in the comments! Does it distract from the fashion?
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