Princess Leia Headphones

If looking like a galactic princess is a priority, knock yourself out. Princess Leia Headphones Princess Leia Headphones on Etsy Need a last minute Christmas gift idea.  How about Princess Leia headphones!

Artist Jacquie Long Legs is offering Star Wars fans a blast from the past with these Princess Leia inspired headphone covers.  The hair buns are cool, but Jacquie's photo shoot is cooler.  All photos from Jacquie's blog.

Princess Leia Headphones
Princess Leia HeadphonesPrincess Leia Headphones

Here's her Etsy write-up:
This is a UNIVERSAL look, har har.

Made of synthetic hair, these pieces will transform your headphones or ear muffs into Princess Leia's famed cinnamon bun hair. Your friends will love you more, your coworkers will be jealy, and if you wear these to Comic-Con you will get laid instantly.

Each purchase comes with two 6-inch in diameter buns with mesh backing, ready to glue permanently or attach temporarily to your own headphones (instructions come in package). Yes, you can also attach the buns to your own hair because bobby pins exist.

Blonde and Ginger are made to order. May the Schwartz be with you.

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