Sexy Kate Upton Ad Turned Down by Cable Networks

Sexy Kate Upton Ad Turned Down by Cable Networks Kate Upton (Getty Images | Inset from Zoo York commercial)

We're all adults here, so I've included the video below, but before you hit play be warned the audio is very much NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Now that we've got that out of the way, it looks like skate gear company Zoo York moved quickly to capitalize on Kate Upton's newfound notoriety with a sexy ad that's offensive not so much for its sexiness, but more for its language.

Sexy Kate Upton Ad Turned Down by Cable Networks Kate Upton likes to stretch in the skate park. (From Zoo York commercial)
In the TV spot, two cockroaches explore the rich world of sexual double entendre via skate jargon. "Grinding" and "waxing" are discussed. 'Nuff said. This is all going on while one watches skaters at the park and the other watches Kate stretch and jog in slow motion.

The visuals are nothing you wouldn't see in a Carl's Jr. ad, but at the end, the director closes with a shot of a foul-mouthed little cockroach getting squished before uttering a stream of obscenities. Even bleeped, both MTV and Cartoon Network's Adult Swim turned down the spot.

Call us skeptical, but perhaps this is all just a ploy to get more people to watch the unedited ad online before the aforementioned director chops the last three seconds off his ad and gets it on MTV. It looks like that's pretty much all it would take.

In the mean time, go ahead and watch the ad below, but be warned, that is one vulgar cockroach.

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