#FF: Fashion People & Celebrities' Twitamores — Revealed!

Can you guess my Twitamore?

Valentine's Day might be dunzo — but thanks to social media, it's only just begun. (Whose Instagrams are still getting flower bombed today? We get it, people. You got flowers, moving on...)

But there's one Valentine's-inspired app we discovered that we still, a day later, cannot get enough of. You could even say we, uh, love it — Twitamore! It's a site that calculates who you love the most on Twitter based on who you follow, your timeline, and your favorite tweets.

As you can imagine, this thing is a total timesucker. We started with our own Twitter handle, @StyleBistro and got the adorable Carly Rae Jepsen as our Valentine!

Love you, CRJ! xoxo

For very obvious reasons (read: we're nosey!) we couldn't stop there. Behold: fashion people's Twitamores! Check out who adores who in the fashion and media world, and don't forget to follow each of them on Twitter.

We all know how much model Chrissy Teigen loves food...

#FF: @chrissyteigen and

And how much designer Roberto Cavalli adores models, especially Bar Refaeli!

#FF: @RobertoCavalli and @BarRefaeli

Eva Chen sends her heart out to Oscar de la Renta (and his PR Girl).

#FF: @evachen212 and @OscarPRGirl

But Oscar PR Girl has a different sweetheart in mind — herself, apparently! (It's okay, we love her, too.)

#FF: @OscarPRGirl and @OscarPRGirl

Fashion is just one narcissistic world, ya'll. That's why Kanye West makes such a great, um, "designer."

#FF: @KanyeWest

But don't feel sorry for Kim Kardashian. She's one of the biggest egotists out there — and we mean that in the best way possible. (Smooches, Kim!)

#FF: @KimKardashian

Thankfully, not all love is lost. The infatuation between Lucky's John Jannuzzi and Glamour's Laurel Pantin still gives us hope!

#FF: @JohnJannuzzi and @LaPantin

Happy Friday!