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Today is a momentous occasion in make-up as lipstick lovers unite in honor of #NationalLipstickDay. Though we’d have to say, here at Livingly, our editorial team pretty much thinks of everyday as National Lipstick Day… I mean hey, we’re beauty editors, give us a break!

This beauty staple has been around for thousands of years – dating back even to the Roman era and height of ancient Egyptian civilization, when a symbol of high status correlated with the color of lipstick you wore. So break out the bold hues today! Whether you experiment with out-there shades like purple, blue or black (why yes, we are 100% convinced that black lipstick can become the LBD of lipwear) or keep it classic in bright pinks and reds, we've brought you our top picks and fave lipstick shades at Livingly. Get ready to pucker up!