What to Wear: Super Stylish Workout

(Photos: Bauer Griffin, Lululemon)

If you're still wearing that ratty old Counting Crows August and Everything After tour tank top with your college-era sports bra and cut-off sweats to the gym, maybe it's time for an intervention. Because dressing in style for that yoga or spin class will add a spring to your step that will pay muscle-building dividends (and make any post-workout errands devoid of the possibility of dying from shame if you run into that cute coworker in the produce section). We've curated a sharp-looking collection of sweat-friendly separates guaranteed to make you feel like a pro, whether you pursue a monochrome oh-it's-on look in the manner of Ali Larter (pictured above), or mix tie-dye and digital art patterns to match your M.I.A.-centric workout mix.

(From Left: Forme Jacket, $108 at Lululemon; Home Team Hoodie, $98 at Athleta)

(From Left: Ideology Tie-Dye Sports Bra, $11.99 at Macys, Seamless Sports Bra, $50 at Nike)

(From Left: Boyfriend Pursue Me Tights, $45 at Adidas; Running Capris, $110 at Nike)

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