How to Keep Your Maxi Skirt From Dragging on the Ground—Without Wearing Heels!

(Photos by FameFlynet Pictures;

With their breezy silhouettes and simple throw-on-and-go styling, maxi skirts are the quintessential summer staple—if you've got the mile-long legs of a supermodel, the tailoring budget of a top-notch actress, or a penchant for doing your daily coffee run in peep-toe platforms.

But if you're an average height, heel-averse normal person who can barely pay rent month-to-month, like me—maxis? Yeah, not so easy. We don't all have the perfect maxi-wearing waist-to-ankle ratio like Jessica Alba, now do we?

Basically, my thoughts on maxis were like so, until I was forced to go to Coachella with pasty Irish legs (poor, poor me) that hadn't seen the light of day in forever. It was then I re-considered my options—denim cut-offs? lololol, yarite—and decided to give the maxi a go.

Like I expected everything was waaaay too long, but I bought one anyway and told myself I'd figure it out along the way. Or maybe I'd buck up (or get un-lazy) and get it tailored. But I never had to, thanks to this trick I learned at the festival...

On one side of the hem—whichever leg is your Angelina leg—grab the fabric and tie it into a knot about 1-2 feet from the ground, like above. Not only does it give flowier pieces a more bohemian vibe, it means you'll never ever have to act as your own personal train minion or worse—trip over your skirt and fall up a flight of stairs (guilty)—ever, ever again.

This Free People skirt's been my go-to so far this summer, and you betcha I'm never looking back. (Or wearing heels for that matter.)