How to Dress Up Distressed Denim, According to Rochelle Humes

(Credit: Bauer Griffin)

Heavily distressed denim isn't for the faint of fashion heart. The truly skilled can wear it and look ultra stylish; those that aren't as crafty tend to end up looking rather unkempt. Luckily Rochelle Humes (one-fifth of the popular British girl group The Saturdays) fits in with the former.

But if you happen to fall with the latter, follow Rochelle's foolproof fashion formula for dolling up distressed denim:

1) Pair your trousers off with a short silk tank top in a complementary pastel shade, like cream or baby blue.

2) Add a touch of edge and top it off with a fitted leather motorcycle jacket in a light brown tone, like caramel or wheat.

3) Tote your necessities in an oversized, box-shaped purse in a different pastel shade, like rose or baby pink.

4) Cuff your slashed jeans so that they fall just below your ankle.

5) Slip on a pair of plain pumps in a shade that closely matches your blouse.

Now you're ready to step out of the house in style.