7 Keys to Rock Star Style, as Worked by Ashlee Simpson

(Source: PacificCoastNews.com)

The most magnetic about rock stars, aside from the whole rebelliousness, talent, and slightly-off-kilter beauty, is their fearless ability to set trends instead of following them. But center stage isn't big enough for everyone, which is probably good because we have to get up early tomorrow. Regardless, when it comes to taking inspiration from the rocker elite, here are a few style tenets to consider, demonstrated here by Ashlee Simpson.
1) Long, Bleached Hair
The secret to pulling off a sexy, tousled hairstyle is still looking put-together. (Consider Courtney Love or Gwen Stefani.) Ashlee's do is just the right kind of relaxed, and the pale blonde shade is reminiscent of that post-punk, '80s vibe, often associated with rock star style.

2) Bowler Hat
Speaking of '80s references, every cool kid in town has a bowler hat these days.

3) Keep it Simple
The centerpiece of her look is a grey, printed T-shirt and matching pants that look loose, relaxed, comfortable, as if heedlessly thrown on backstage before being whisked away the limo. She doesn't need to show off her figure, we all know its there. In true rock star tradition, she has nothing to prove.

4) Bomber Jacket
Spicing up the basics is a crimson bomber jacket. This casual staple is upgraded thanks to a  cool graphic print. Baggy and cozy, the bomber almost looks like it could belong to her equally-cool boyfriend. (Another tip: wear your man's clothes.)

5) Sequins
A little sparkle on the shoes adds feminine, sexy edge to an otherwise chill ensemble.

6) Red Lipstick
If a rock star was stranded on a desert island and allowed only one piece of makeup, bright red lipstick––the kind that stains––would be it.

7) Bohemian Jewelry
Ashlee's subtle black beads and silver rings add a heartfelt boho touch to the whole operation, while reducing any possible risk of '80s overkill.

Lesson learned. "Thank you, Los Angeles, and good night!"

Ashlee Simpson seen leaving Vignette Lounge in Hollywood.
(Photos by: PacificCoastNews.com)
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