Exclusive Interview: Paris Hilton, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor

By Dominique Streeter on
Paris Hilton (Pacific Coast News) Heiress, reality star and businesswoman are just a few of the many hats Paris Hilton wears. At the mere age of 30, the famous socialite reinvented the very meaning of the word celebrity and created an entire lifestyle brand around her signature girly taste. Easily one of the most famous women on earth, Paris has parlayed this high public profile into an empire! From a motorcycle team to her own line of purses, Paris infuses her playful sense of style into...Read Full Story

Paris Hilton's Celebrity Style Crush

By Bernice Lee McMillan on
Paris Hilton (Getty Images) Paris Hilton is never spotted in the same outfit twice. The fashion queen has a wide range of stylish pieces, from sexy bandage dresses, to playful graphic tees to glamorous evening gowns. So it's safe to imagine that Paris has quite the enviable closet—we picture rows of color-coordinated shoes and frocks. But if the style maven could swap closets with any celebrity, who would it be? Check out Paris' celebrity style crush! I love Victoria Beckham's style...Read Full Story

Mom Kathy Is Paris Hilton's Style Mentor

By Bernice Lee McMillan on
Paris Hilton, Kathy Hilton (FlyNet Pictures) Paris Hilton has great respect for her mom, Kathy Hilton, who she constantly goes to for life advice, from style tips to beauty recommendations. In fact, Kathy has been showing Paris and sister Nicky the fashion ropes ever since they were both tiny tots—Kathy often took young Paris and Nicky to couture shows in Paris to the runway shows in New York, and Paris "really loved it." With such stylish roots, it's no wonder that Paris has evolved into...Read Full Story

Paris Hilton Confesses to Buying 20 Pairs of Tory Burch Flats

By Tanya Leigh Ta on
Paris Hilton (Bauer Griffin) "I'm over Uggs," Paris Hilton told StyleBistro in her exclusive interview. Just because she's given up the fuzzy flat boots, however, doesn't mean she's given up on shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. The heiress' latest footwear fetish? Tory Burch ballet flats. "I'm obsessed with my Tory Burch flats, like literally I probably brought 50 pairs of high heels, Louboutins, my YSLs and Pradas and all these beautiful high heels to Ibiza and I wind up...Read Full Story

Paris Hilton's Tips for Traveling in Style

By Tanya Leigh Ta on
Paris Hilton (Bauer Griffin) It's safe to say, when you're a jet setter like Paris Hilton, you know how to travel in style. From St. Barts to NYC, Hollywood to Toyko, the young heiress is constantly on the move. Her wardrobe of choice? Comfortable sweatsuits.Paris knows, however, the importance of being both comfortable and stylish at the airport: I used to just wear sweatsuits to the airport because it's comfortable, but then my stylist was like, 'You cannot wear the sweatsuits anymore...Read Full Story