Claire Mulkey Photography
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It's always amazing when people are breaking down LGBT boundaries, especially when it's happening in your own backyard. So when I was given the opportunity to tour the San Francisco-based studio of Kipper Clothiers, a luxury menswear brand devoted to "handcrafting suits with pride," I jumped at the chance.

After meeting with Erin Berg and Kyle Moshrefi, the experienced hands behind Kipper, I quickly learned how they curate unique luxury experiences for their clients, whom often include women looking for menswear. They are breaking the mold in crafting flawlessly fitted suits for both men and women.

Emerging as a niche destination in San Francisco's Hayes Valley neighborhood in July 2014, Kipper sought to fill a gap in the industry –– and succeeded in doing so, tenfold. They are now part of the unique wedding stories of clientele from all over the world.

The menswear experience with Kipper is truly one of luxury –– and it's an intimate and in-depth process which consists of more than 36 body measurements. One has their choice of personalized buttons, monograms, collar and cuff style, all in all, every little detail is accounted for.

But more than just the creation of a perfectly tailored suit, Kyle and Erin are breaking down prejudice as a safe space. Click through to see some of the real life couples whose dreams they helped bring to life.