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When my fiancé and I originally decided to elope it was the dream solution. We were suddenly able to stop juggling the logistical impossibility of having a beautiful wedding with all our loved ones in a magical location without drama, without stress and without excessive spending. We would just make the ceremony about—gasp!—the two of us. And heck, if it is just the two of us, we can do it anywhere. Why not in front of a waterfall at a gorgeous tropical destination we've never been to before? An adventure wedding. A honeymoon elopement. An idea that appeased the introvert and the romantic in me. Sounds pretty fabulous, right? And I still think it is. It just turned out to be much more complicated than I ever anticipated. And unfortunately, in this day and age, a wedding simply can't happen without a helping of family drama. Here are some hurdles to be prepared for—and possibly avoid—if you're planning to ditch the big ceremony.