Weekend Beauty Dare: Make Your Own Nail Polish From Eyeshadow

(Source: Homemade Nail Polish)We're all for a good DIY beauty project—our Pinterest boards can attest to that. But we've decided to up our game with a slightly more challenging weekend beauty dare. This weekend we're taking a cue from Allison Rose Spiekermann's new book Homemade Nail Polish ($12, at amazon.com) and whipping up a DIY purple with pink shimmer nail polish from an old eyeshadow and nail polish. Want to know the surprisingly simple steps? Read on to get Spiekermann's tips.

Before you begin:
Remember working with nail polish is a fun but serious project. Spiekermann suggests working in an open, well-ventilated area away from heat or flames. Also, remember to wear a mask to avoid inhaling any fumes. Wearing an old shirt is also a good idea just in case you get a little messy. And finally, for your work space, try to use a nonporous surface to work with, as nail polish and remover can ruin many surfaces. Spiekermann uses a silicone baking mat because any spills simply dry up and and can be peeled off.

Tools and Ingredients:
Silicone muffin-size baking cups to mix the ingredients. (Dixie cups will also work.)
Long stick with a cotton swab end or wooden barbecue skewers to act as a stirrer.
Empty nail polish bottle (You can recycle an old one by emptying the contents completely and washing out with acetone)
Jewelry or kitchen scale to measure ingredients
Four grams purple (or whatever color of your choice) non-shimmer eyeshadow
Two grams nail polish thinner (can be purchased at any beauty supply store)
10 grams pink sparkle nail polish 

1. Break up eyeshadow from palette. Measure it out and crush it up so that it's a smooth powder. Add it to the mixing cup.
2. Add the nail polish thinner. It should look like it's melting the eyeshadow.
3. Mix the ingredients until there are no lumps.
4. Add in 10 grams of the pink sparkle nail polish and mix well.
5. Pour the finished polish into the bottle and add the brush and cap.

(Source: Homemade Nail Polish)Want more nail polish DIY recipes? Check out Allison Rose Spiekermann's Homemade Nail Polish to get this recipe and plenty more. 
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