Spring Cleaning: New Ways to Organize Your Beauty Products

(Courtesy Bellashoot.com Beauty/Instagram)We all have makeup bags filled with eyeshadows and drawers packed with lipglosses. Steal these smart organizing ideas to save space—and sanity—when it comes to your beauty arsenal. Start with your nail polish collection. A spice rack can work outside of the kitchen by displaying all of your polishes, making it much easier to pick a color. 

(Courtesy Maria Booth/Instagram)
What do forks and spoons have in common with your blush and lipsticks? They can both be stored in a sliverware tray. Stash it inside a vanity drawer to keep everything tidy and tucked away. 

(Courtesy Jacqueline Myers-Young/Instagram)
Buy an over-the-door shoe or accessory organizer and fill it with your go-to products and beauty tools. Hang it behind the bathroom door to keep everything on hand. 

(Courtesy Amy Mahler/Instagram)A clear plastic container is a glamorous way to store lipstick, blush, and more, since you'll have all your options on display. Use the top shelf for holding larger products. 

(Courtesy Bellashoot.com Beauty/Instagram)
After pretty candles have burned out, repurpose them as elegant containers for bobby pins and makeup brushes.