Five Ways Your Kitchen Can Save Your Beauty Routine

(Source: Thinkstock)The kitchen: it's no longer just a place to hone your iron-chef skills. Make your grocery list work double duty with strategic ingredients that do the body good inside and out, and stock your pantry with a few alternatives to beauty-aisle budget busters. Take a peek at the below to see how these five foods can make head-to-toe improvements.

(Source: Thinkstock)Strawberries Not just a dynamic duo with chocolate, strawberries contains malic acid, a scientific way of saying “Move over whitening strips!” When pulped and paired with about a teaspoon of baking soda, the acid in a strawberry can aid in the removal of discoloration from not-so-pearly whites. But use for five minutes, tops, and sparingly—more than once a week could result in enamel damage.

(Source: Thinkstock)Organic Coconut Oil  A fantastic cooking substitute for butter and extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil is also a mega moisturizing tool for hair and skin. Use a small scoop (give or take ½ a teaspoon, depending on skin type) in place of moisturizer, or combat dehydrated locks by slathering a dollop on strands post shower, wrapping hair in a towel for at least 30 minutes for best results, and then thoroughly rinsing with cool water.

(Source: Thinkstock)Apple Cider Vinegar – Yes, apple cider vinegar (aka ACV) has a less-than-stellar aroma, but this master PH regulator is known to use its natural anti-bacterial qualities to help pave the way to glowing skin. Using raw, unfiltered ACV with equal parts water dabbed onto a cotton swab functions as a toner.

(Source: Thinkstock)Organic Brown Sugar – This sweet and natural exfoliator has a permanent spot on our shelves. Mix an equal ratio of organic brown sugar to coconut oil, massage onto your pout for five minutes, then pat off with a damp towel. Add peppermint oil, vanilla extract, or Vitamin E for a yummy and moisturizing perk.

(Source: Getty)Bananas  Packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids, bananas aren’t getting nearly the press they deserve. For a quick at home pedi-helper, mash two bananas into a pulp, apply to feet, wrap in plastic for 20 minutes, and wipe clean with a warm cloth.