Our Top Five Budgeting Apps

Our Top Five Budgeting Apps
(Source: RedLaser.com)
Chances are you’re already using your phone to monitor your bank account–so why aren’t you busting it out on retail excursions? These five apps, teeming with ways to save money, track your budget and manage cash flow, lend a whole new meaning to the phrase “smart shopping.” Just be sure they don’t devour your data plan first!

1. Retail-Me-Not
As a slick extension of its namesake website, this app is perfect for anyone allergic to paying full price. A meticulous search process pulls up coupons and discounts for a dizzying range of retailers, while automatic alerts pinpoint sales and discounts when you’re at the mall. Cost: Free

2. RedLaser
Calling all comparison shoppers: this scan-happy app is for you. By comparing your product’s pricing info to that of identical counterparts in nearby brick-and-mortar and online retailers, RedLaser lets you know whether you’ve landed the best possible price. Bonus points for slimming down your wallet by serving as a virtual folder for all of your loyalty cards. Cost: Free

3. SnipSnap
The forgotten coupon (left on your dresser, wedged in the front seat of your car) served as the inspiration for this easy-to-use app. Users simply take photographs of printed coupons, which are instantly transformed into mobile versions that you can redeem in stores. We love the app’s latest feature, which lets you follow friends (read: shareable coupons!). Cost: Free

Our Top Five Budgeting Apps(Source: Slice.com; SnipSnap.com)4. Expenditure
When tracking your expenses on-the-go, don’t leave home without Expenditure, a clean and crisp app that makes money management a breeze. Categories such as “Clothes”, “Electronics” and “Gifts” help you see exactly where your moolah is going, while a nifty memo feature allows you to add both notes and photos of purchases. Cost: $1.99

5. Slice
We’re super impressed with this proactive online shopping companion, which sifts through your email inbox for e-receipts, tracks shipping and pings you when your frequently-visited merchants unveil price drops. The best (or worst) part? It also provides you with a comprehensive view of your online spending habits. Cost: Free